Saturday, February 10, 2018

Asian Boss Ladies @ Alexander Wang F/W 2018 RTW Show

During the summer, Paris-based brand Kenzo (creative directors Humberto Leon & Carol Lim) featured an all-Asian cast for its RTW S/S 2018 show. It made me positively giddy & almost tearful in that I loved daydreaming about the Asian friendships blooming backstage & also that it was #abouttime that the runway went beyond using token Asians. Asians working together & boosting each other up, especially in areas where they are considered more powerless can just make me tear up like no other. 
I thought that this Alexander Wang show was perhaps even cooler in that it wasn't an all-Asian cast, but a majority one. Quite significant in that it A) wasn't one of those LVMH brands/Chanel replicate shows for Asian countries, where they use representation to pull $$ out of consumer pockets, but an actual NYFW show & B) Kinda paves the way to upturn the majority white/black cast b/c the fashion industry & Hollywood is not good at representing Asians/Latinos. (Total run-on sentence, I know. What can I say? I'm a modern-day Nathaniel Hawthorne.) I hope that this wasn't just some kind of stunt. It was both empowering & weird, for lack of a better word, that the Asian models both led and closed up the pack. Is there some kind of deeper meaning behind the placement? To pave the way for more Asians? /again, is this just some kind of stunt? '~' 

Whatever the case, everyone looked awesome, no matter what race they are. I'm only putting the Asian models on this post though b/c hello! the post is titled "Asian Boss Ladies". Plus, you should just go to Vogue/NYMag for all the looks~

Liu Chunjie leading the pack.

Liu Chunjie 

Ting Yan

He Chuyan

Zhou Shujing

Su Kexin

Tan Ling

Chen Siqi (I wanna see someone wear this off the runway! Love it~)

Choi Sora (Sora looks amazing!)

Xie Chaoyu

Oh Songhwa

Chu Wong

Park Heejung

Zhao Yan

Kang Sijia

Issa Lish

Wang Luping

Wangy Xinyu (Positively confused as to why everyone says her lastname is Wangy. Is that true? What's the Chinese character for it? #mindblown)

Qin Shupei (I really wished she opened/closed the show, simply b/c she is the industry veteran amongst all of the models. That would have been cool.)

Zhao Junli (another look I'd love to see off the runway)

Li Jingwen

Jung Sohyun

The man himself: Alexander Wang