Tuesday, December 5, 2017

keira knightley is a true hollywood starlet @ the british fashion awards

she wears my fave dress from valentino--a modern day scarlett o'hara/vivien leigh.

coats, coats, coats: givenchy pre-fall 2018 has great coats


I'd also like to throw in a bag, thanks.

Love the dress. I also appreciate that they put Sohyun, an Asian model, in the grand finale. Unfortunately, does not happen often. She looks gorgeous.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Chain Melody of BoA's Greatest Hits at 2017 MAMA in Japan

Performed by KPOP's most popular acts right now...

1. "Girls on Top", performed by BoA herself (Hell yeah!)
2. "No.1", performed by SEVENTEEN
3. "My Name", performed by TWICE

Fitting that the show began w/this since BoA is probably the pioneer for KPOP in Japan. Decades after her debut, she is still that fabulous.

Best Christmas Advert/Any Advert: Cara Delevingne x Matt Smith by Alasdair McLellan for Burberry

BGM: "Always on My Mind" by the Pet Shop Boys (a rendition of many renditions!)

Love it so much! The moodiness juxtaposed w/the cheeriness. Romance in the air~ Also, Matt Smith is dashing in this commercial, from the serious to the joyful.

TWICE is "Likey"able w/Their "TT" "Signal"s for 2017 MAMA in Japan

"TT" is forever gold~ "Signal" winning "Song of the Year" is way controversial to me though...Totally thought that if any song should upend the internet polls, it should be "Red Flavor"...