Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm Excited: 'Tomb Raider' 1st Teaser Is Released

& I want MAWR! It looks action packed & well-made, so I'm in. Alicia looks bad a$$! + Daniel Wu! Finally, an Asian man as a lead. Also, even more importantly, we know that Wu will bring his A-game on.

Your Cuties Thomas & Chris From Phoenix Do Cute Things on Bandwagon TV

Like reacting to music from Southeast Asia:

Nice Chris vs critical Thomas <3 p="">

Drawing pictures of what they think Ti Amo is, and each other~

Thomas loves Chris. That is all~

Watch This Amazing Rally Between Chinese Table Tennis Players Lin Gaoyuan & Fan Zhendong

Well played by both men. Well deserved by Lin! Dedication wins all.

TWICE Releases 1st Teaser for Their 1st Japanese Single "One More Time"

More cute coming your way, October 18th~

p.s. Tzuyu is gorgeous, but you knew that already

Saturday, September 16, 2017


& why would you be eating spaghetti in a hutong? please enlighten me

not a fan of any of the actors nor their expressions, but i do love Beijing hutongs (so much nostalgia!), the easygoingness of it all that is demonstrated in this shoot.

It's All About Short Dresses For Asian Stars @ Marc Jacobs S/S 2018 Presentation

Tang Yixin, who looks like she just turned 20
Ouyang Nana
Jessica Jung

It's Eternal Love! Bai Qian & Ye Hua Find Each Other at Michael Kors S/S 2018

Aww, Yang Mi & Mark look so cute & sweet together!