Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sing Along w/TWICE

w/Korean lyrics, romanization & English translations. Members parts are color coded~

Feelings About "Love"

It's nice--it does remind me of Born to Die, which is by far my favorite album by Lana. Love the old-school romance of the song. The last album was weird...

I would like some more self-stylized Nancy Sinatra though, like "Off to the Races". Thanks.

TWICE Comes "Knock Knock" Knockin' on Our Doors

I like the use of stop motion--it made the MV cute & quirky. 

Overall, I like the song, especially since it showcases the girls' vocal, unlike their cuter "Cheer Up", and especially "TT".

Also, as always, they have cute choreography~ Truly the Wonder Girls of their time~

(Wahhh. I miss the Wonder Girls already.)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sunmi Wanders Around Paris for Grazia Korea March 2017

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HBO Releases the Teaser Trailer for 'Silicon Valley' Season 4

Got April 23rd marked in my calendar for more Jaredisms <3 p="">

BGM: "Talk to Me"//Run the Jewels

Also, this is the coolest thing ever:

HBO created websites for Pied Piper and Bachmanity, bring back the '00s, when productions would create character reality sites. I feel like a child again, and thus, am happy.

'The Negotiator' Releases Theatrical Posters

 and musician-actor Huang Zitao (Railroad Tigers) will lead this upcoming spin-off of the highly popular The Interpreters. Yang will star as genius negotiator Dou Qiao, while Huang will play negotiator Xie Xiaofei. Similarly to Interpreters's romance trajectory, Dou and Xie will start off on the wrong foot, only to fall in love at the end. However, will their love last forever?

Frankly, I don't know if I'll be able to sit through this drama. Not only did I not enjoy Interpreters (To be fair, I barely watched it because I found the story to be clichéd and Huang Xuan's Cheng Jia Yang to be annoyingly harsh. So, perhaps there is merit to the drama's popularity.), but after watching Takes a Real Man 2, I'm going to find this romance real incestuous.