Saturday, April 22, 2017

Be Excited: Here's Phoenix's Setlist For Their Antwerp Show Tonight

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Check out the setlist at the end of the vid~

New Songs:
"Ti Amo"
"J-Boy"--according to Pitchfork, Phoenix reps have said that the song that everyone has guessed to be "J-Boy" in the Calvin Klein commercial is not in fact "J-Boy." But perhaps it's just not the song title of the Calvin Klein commercial, and "J-Boy" does exist? Like, maybe the CK song is just a draft & if you know about Bankrupt! Diaries, their drafts usually have similar, yet different names from their album feature counterparts.
"Role Model"
"Ti Amo Piu"
& a mystery song...

p.s. I'm glad Branco decided to cut his hair
p.p.s. AHHHH. Excitedddddd!!!!

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