Monday, May 15, 2017

Watch Phoenix's 1st Interview in ~4yrs @Shaky Knees Festival

lol to Thomas calming Branco down~
they are so obviously tipsy--it's great. 
also lol to them messing w/the interviewer. latin. lol.
and awww, deck is adorably mute in this interview. branco trying to make him talk near the end<3

TWICE Releases an A-Grade Album 'Signal'

"TT" will forever be my fave single, but Signal, the album, is def the best album TWICE has released. I rarely encounter a K-Pop album that I like wholeheartedly besides SNSD's Girls' Generation. While Signal doesn't have a place in my heart, not just sentimentally, but musically, like Girls' does, it is def one I can listen on repeat~

Saturday, May 13, 2017

ahh!! phoenix plays "fior di latte" at their miami show

thomas, i'm in love. has to be my favorite song of all the songs i've heard so far from ti amo. i knew it would be my favorite after listening to the sofia coppola directed commercial for calvin klein.


also, what a beautiful light show. phoenix, art, as always.

'Ru Yi's Palace' Releases a Round of Gorgeous Photos